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Confiscation proceedings | Mark Jenner & Co Limited

Confiscation proceedings

Confiscation proceedings are routinely brought following conviction, and although the intention was to strip criminals of their proceeds of crimes committed, they very often present another layer of punishment in addition to the sentence received following conviction for the predicate crime.

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 has been termed “Draconian” as a result of the sometimes unfair position assumed by the authorities attempting to recover assets from criminals. Assumptions of criminal lifestyle can often be hard to defend, unless they are thoroughly unpicked and replaced by reasoned argument. Common sense very often prevails, when a forensic accountant’s report is able to exclude errors such as double (or even triple) counting the same revenue and presents legitimate income clearly – often when business or personal records are sparse or even non-existent.

Mark Jenner & Co Limited specialises in preparing robust POCA reports that challenge the Crown’s Section 16 Statements of Information in a sensible way and ensure that any remaining benefit does no more than reflect actual criminal gains (if any) and that available assets are not inflated by the inclusion of spurious hidden assets.

How To Deal With Confiscation Proceedings

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R – v – May

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Confiscation Proceedings

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Confiscation Overview

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