Forensic Accounting Services

If you are considering using a forensic accountant, you may find the following articles useful:

Why Do You Need A Forensic Accountant?

How To Choose A Forensic Accountant

Forensic Accounting Techniques

Criminal Defence

Mark Jenner & Co Limited specialises in providing expert accounting evidence on behalf of the defence in cases involving financial crime, fraud and money laundering. Often described as white collar crime or business crime, these activities are relentlessly pursued by the authorities such that offences can be exaggerated and mitigation overlooked.

We provide support for criminal defence lawyers and their clients facing prosecution by the authorities. Our impartiality and independence provides strength and value to our expert accounting and business focused evidence.

Regulatory Investigations

We often assist the financial and fraud Regulatory Authorities and therefore are in the best position to provide advice and assistance when you are on the receiving end of their investigations.

Fraud Investigation

Investigating Complex Fraud, Hidden Assets and Corporate Misfeasance is a main focus of Mark Jenner & Co Limited. We are able to unpick and understand financial transactions that are sometimes lost in a web of documentation and computer files. We follow money trails, identifying financial leads and making sense out of partial records, often going back many years.

Commercial Disputes

Our expert accounting, corporate investigation and record reconstruction services include providing expert accounting reports in cases of Commercial or Contract Dispute, Loss of Profits (Business Interruption), Tracing and Recovery of Hidden Assets in cases of Matrimonial Dispute.

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