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UK Forensic Accountants and Fraud Specialists
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Fraud & Crime

Forensic Accountancy York

Forensic Accountants and expert accounting witness services for all fraud, financial criminal defence, confiscation proceedings and money laundering cases throughout the UK.

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Regulatory Investigations

Regulatory Investigations York

Investigating or defending tax fraud and financial regulatory interventions from HMRC, Insolvency Practitioners and the Department for Business.

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Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation York

Forensic accountancy, fraud investigation, fraud prevention and asset tracing services to the police, financial regulators, companies and individuals.

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Accounting Expert Witness

Expert Accounting Witness York

Helping resolve civil disputes by quantifying losses, reconstructing financial statements, valuing estates and tracing hidden assets.

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Latest News

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How much Value Does An Expert Witness Add? »

Normally, with financial crime, the value that an expert accountant adds is to provide a level of moderation to a very adversarial playing field. As an independent witness, there is nothing to be gained from the outcome to the case ... Read More

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When I examine a business that has dealt in substantial amounts of cash, it can be hard to know that the accounting records seen are complete and accurate. ... Read More