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UK Forensic Accountants and Fraud Specialists
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Fraud & Crime

Forensic Accountancy York

Forensic Accountants and expert accounting witness services for all fraud, financial criminal defence, confiscation proceedings and money laundering cases throughout the UK.

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Regulatory Investigations

Regulatory Investigations York

Investigating or defending tax fraud and financial regulatory interventions from HMRC, Insolvency Practitioners and the Department for Business.

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Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation York

Forensic accountancy, fraud investigation, fraud prevention and asset tracing services to the police, financial regulators, companies and individuals.

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Accounting Expert Witness

Expert Accounting Witness York

Helping resolve civil disputes by quantifying losses, reconstructing financial statements, valuing estates and tracing hidden assets.

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Latest News

You Do Not Have To Be Stupid To Suffer From Fraud! »

As a forensic accountant specialising in fraud and crime I am often in the position where I must provide advice concerning fraud prevention. I will naturally talk about why astute businessmen are often the victims being scammed. ... Read More

Forensic Accountant In Fraud Prevention Cases »

As a forensic accountant who has focused on fraud for over twenty years, I am often asked to suggest appropriate fraud prevention measures to a client. ... Read More

Insolvency Fraud And Asset Recovery »

When businesses get into difficulties and face bankruptcy the time is ripe for fraud. Assets are carefully hidden so that when the company goes bust, there is nothing left for the creditors. And yet a lot of the insolvency fraud can be traced to the professional practitioners... ... Read More

Forensic Tax Accountant »

A forensic accountant's input is valuable in criminal tax evasion cases. Tax fraud costs the UK a massive amount, and HMRC rightly must come down hard. However, their allegations and assumptions can be somewhat zealous, and the need for a balanced and impartial assessment is essential. ... Read More