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UK Forensic Accountants and Fraud Specialists

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Forensic Accountants and expert accounting witness services for all fraud, financial criminal defence, confiscation proceedings and money laundering cases throughout the UK.

Investigating or defending tax fraud and financial regulatory interventions from HMRC, Insolvency Practitioners and the Department for Business.

Forensic accountancy, fraud investigation, fraud prevention and asset tracing services to the police, financial regulators, companies and individuals.

Helping resolve civil disputes by quantifying losses, reconstructing financial statements, valuing estates and tracing hidden assets.

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How can a money transfer system known as Hawala be a threat? The UK is at the forefront in the battle against economic crime. It has a better understanding of the ever-increasing financial threats facing nations than most. However, the authorities’ approach to regulating Hawala can sometimes seem to be a little hesitant. The argument… Read More »HAWALA – CAN IT THREATEN OUR FINANCIAL SAFETY?

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Looking for a cheaper quicker alternative to transfer money is natural, until the cash is seized by the authorities

Expert Accountant For Confiscation Proceedings

Providing such a review of both criminal confiscations and asset forfeiture applications has become a routine part of the work that Mark Jenner & Co Limited carries out

A Criminal Defence Specialist Forensic Accountant For Tax?

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