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Fraud & Crime

Forensic Accountancy York

Forensic Accountants and expert accounting witness services for all fraud, financial criminal defence, confiscation proceedings and money laundering cases throughout the UK.

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Regulatory Investigations

Regulatory Investigations York

Investigating or defending tax fraud and financial regulatory interventions from HMRC, Insolvency Practitioners and the Department for Business.

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Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation York

Forensic accountancy, fraud investigation, fraud prevention and asset tracing services to the police, financial regulators, companies and individuals.

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Accounting Expert Witness

Expert Accounting Witness York

Helping resolve civil disputes by quantifying losses, reconstructing financial statements, valuing estates and tracing hidden assets.

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Latest News

The confiscation proceedings balancing act »

I recall speaking at the 2003 North East Fraud Forum conference that heralded the introduction of the 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act. Since then confiscations have become commonplace and there is usually a money laundering aspect to every criminal defence case that I take on. ... Read More

Forensic Accounting for Proceeds of Crime Cases »

As you would expect this leads to some overblown assumptions being made, and estimates of criminal benefit bearing no relation to the level of actual criminal wrongdoing that has been proven. ... Read More

How Innocent Parties Can Be Charged With Money Laundering »

I am often called upon to present an explanation of the legitimate international money transfer framework that works outside of the mainstream banking system, a framework that is frequently hijacked by the criminals. In some cases this can lead to a complete acquittal ... Read More

Forensic Accounting For Different Types Of Fraud »

Sometimes I think that the concept of Ponzi fraud underpins the global economy, with national borrowing and international credit trading reflecting many of the hallmarks of the crime – only on a massive and seemingly acceptable scale! ... Read More