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Dispute Resolution


We can provide robust and independent expert forensic accountancy reports and expert oral testimony in a wide range of circumstances:

  • Contractual disputes, business interruption & loss of profits
  • Directors’ breach of fiduciary duties and shareholder disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Matrimonial disputes & asset tracing
  • Fraudulent & wrongful trading
  • Accounting records reconstruction

Many of the white collar criminal and corporate investigations we carry out result in findings that require presentation of expert accounting evidence to a Court or other body in a way that will be credible and assist the matters in hand. Asset recovery for disadvantaged partners in a matrimonial dispute or for victims of fraud involves tracing funds and presenting a clear and concise trail of evidence to the Court that can often be hidden within a complex web of intentional obfuscation created by one of the parties.

The term “forensic” regarding a forensic accountant means “…pertaining to the court…” and is applied to somebody who examines evidence and provides an opinion about that evidence for the benefit of the Court. Sometimes expert witness services are called litigation support. An expert witness must be credible and capable and it is for a Judge to decide whether expert evidence is persuasive or not, and where both sides in an argument produce opposing experts, which expert evidence is to be favored.

Lord Justice Auld said:

“…The best expert witness in most cases is likely to be one who practices, as well as giving expert evidence, in his discipline, rather than the ‘professional’ expert witness – one who does little else. Justice is best served by attracting persons of a high level of competence and experience to this work…”

Mark Jenner says:

“…I am proud to be an independent professional who investigates business, financial and accounting matters on a full time basis. I am therefore doing the job as well as working as a professional witness. Over the years I have developed a logical and common sense approach that together with my accountancy, expert witness and other accreditations allow me to present my findings or analyse other expert reports as an independent expert.  I have been instructed as a lead expert witness personally since 1994 – almost 20 years. I attend Court frequently and am called upon to give oral evidence on a regular basis…”


2021 update – “I have now been instructed as an expert forensic accountant for more than 25 years, focusing on fraud, crime and money laundering including tax evasion, Hawala money transfer systems and International criminal activity. I am now in the twelfth year of running my own busy specialist Chartered Accountancy company, providing forensic accounting services to a wide range of clients large and small. Commercial and insolvency issues still form a large part of the work, and I am proud to have developed a strong ability to quickly understand any complex financial dispute, unravel the allegations and claims and present a concise explanation of the matter”

For more details of the importance of obtaining an independant and expertly considered appraisal of any matter, please follow this link: