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Corporate Fraud

When a fraud is discovered or even suspected it is important to act quickly. However, rushing in with all guns blazing is likely to panic the culprit, allow evidence to be destroyed and even result in claims for constructive dismissal! A measured response ensures evidence is protected, losses are minimized and there is more chance the perpetrator can be dealt with appropriately.

Mark Jenner & Co Limited is regularly asked to assist with managing a fraud response as well as investigating and tracing the losses themselves. Often the key outcome to any fraud investigation is a clear report that allows fair dismissal of a director or employee who has been stealing from the business. Other times it can be the tracing and quantifying the losses, in order that recovery of assets is possible.

Employee Fraud

WHY PROTECT AGAINST EMPLOYEE FRAUD? According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, businesses lose on average 7% of their revenue from fraud.  In a recent survey of over 2000… Read More »Employee Fraud