Expert Witness

Expert witnesses are a fundamental part of the justice system and are often viewed as arbitrators within the adversarial framework. They can inject an independent viewpoint and a sense of balance to battle between the Prosecution and the criminal defendant. An experienced and credible expert accounting witness can substantially strengthen a criminal defendant’s response to often sweeping assumptions being made by the Crown that often ignore mitigating circumstances.

At Mark Jenner & Co Limited we provide expert accounting assistance when acting for either the Prosecution or the Defence, so we fully recognize the strength and value of our independent status. Furthermore, as experienced fraud investigators our expertise is not limited to accounting issues, but goes to the heart of any criminal fraud or money laundering allegation.

Forensic Accounting For Police Forces

Mark Jenner & Co Limited is happy to examine all cases of fraud and financial crime for the prosecuting authorities and prepare an independent expert accountant’s report that can be supported by oral evidence in court. Our input can include … Read more…

Drawing Conclusions From Accounting Evidence

As an independent forensic accountant assisting parties with financial disputes I am often obliged to provide opinions regarding the evidence that I have examined. This is an obligation not to be taken lightly, particularly when a person’s liberty or life … Read more…