Computer Fraud

By questioning a suspect or turning on a computer to have a look you may be compromising the evidence needed to recover your losses – call us for advice.

Computers and other intelligent devices are now completely ingrained into business and general life such that any fraud or financial crime that does not involve the use of one or several of these would be a noticeable exception. Emails, Internet banking and computer generated documents are an integral part of every case that Mark Jenner & Co Limited faces and some will require dedicated information technology input such as expertise with data mining techniques, forensic IT examinations and evidence preservation.

Fraud involves the manipulation of data, and the move by businesses away from paper recording to electronic means is simply a shift in media being used. Failing to adjust financial controls during this process can leave businesses vulnerable to the fraudster, and at Mark Jenner & Co Limited we recognise the need for continually monitoring and countering these weak areas as they emerge.

Fraud Investigation And The Computer

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Is The Phishing Threat Getting Worse?

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Investigating Computer Evidence

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