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Asset Tracing

Asset tracing and the recovery of losses following fraud is a principal priority for victims. Losses can seriously impact the very future of a business and the lives of individuals working there. Searching for stolen assets involves following the money trail through bank accounts – often in more than one jurisdiction. Without a clear presentation of how and where the money went it may be impossible to instigate legal recovery procedures such as obtaining freezing or search orders from the Court.

The role of the forensic accountant is important when investigating money that has disappeared, and can come after such theft due to fraud or equally when recovering assets that have been taken by directors whose company is facing insolvency or by individuals approaching bankruptcy. At Mark Jenner & Co Limited we regularly investigate the movements of money and assets in such cases.

Another area we are able to assist with is determining the extent of a spouse’s estate in cases of matrimonial dispute. One party, usually the husband (but this is not always the case) attempts to minimise his wealth prior to the Court awarding a settlement to his wife. Recently we assisted a husband of a prominent celebrity obtain a higher settlement following our in depth review of his former wife’s businesses and other financial activities.