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As a director you have the responsibility for running a company. You may share this responsibility with other directors, looking after a discrete part of the business such as marketing or sales.

However, all directors are responsible for the overall performance, including financial affairs. The regulation of companies is undertaken by the Department for Business Innovations and Skills (formerly the “DTI”). Sometimes following no more than a simple complaint from a disgruntled customer you could find your company on the receiving end of a corporate investigation by this regulatory body.

Investigators from Company Investigations branch have wide ranging powers under S447 and S453 of the Companies Act 1985 that allow them to enter your business premises, question you and your staff and examine and copy your business records.

Their investigation could lead to winding up orders being brought against the company under the Insolvency Act 1986 and action taken against the directors under the Directors Disqualification Act 1986.

The need for a robust and comprehensive response to such intervention is essential. Mark Jenner & Co Limited can provide the support and appropriate replies explaining your business practices and performance in a balanced and clear fashion. Our assistance can minimise the disruption you experience and help to prevent erroneous assumptions being pursued by the investigators.