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Hawala is a Money Service Business, a term coined by the UK Authorities such as HMRC. It is used to transfer money around the world and is part of an “informal value transfer system” that operates alongside, interacting with, conventional High Street Banking. The system is often referred to as “Hawala and Similar Service Providers (HOSSPs)” by the regulators such as the National Crime Agency (NCA).

The Authorities can be quite zealous when confronting persons interacting legitimately with the Hawala system, and often it is necessary to explain how their financial affairs are being conducted, providing an expert explanation of the workings of the system and differentiating between its frequent abuse by money laundering gangs and its popularity with many innocent individuals and companies transacting billions using this method all around the world.

Mark Jenner has provided many expert reports in criminal prosecutions revolving around Hawala Banking, explaining the system to the Courts and how innocent parties are often caught up when others abuse it.


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Hawala has grown out of historic methods for moving money that were being developed long before the establishment of the western banking system