Fraud Investigation



As evidenced by high profile cases reported by the media, business collapse is a real possibility when fraudsters are at work. Sometimes the action of a single individual can have a huge impact – as Barings Bank would testify.

Reacting to a suspected fraud

Making hasty decisions when fraud is discovered can prejudice the eventual outcome and even increase the loss to your business. Fraud Advisory Services recognises that simply reporting fraud to the police straight away may not be your only or best solution. It is important to understand that the primary interest of the police and other regulatory bodies is not to recover stolen assets from the suspects on your behalf but to secure a successful prosecution – even then they may not proceed until you provide them with a comprehensive evidence file.

How are you going to

  • stop the fraud without compromising the evidence?
  • safely deal with the culprit?
  • recover your losses?

Our approach

Our experience of undertaking fraud investigations within both civil and criminal arenas, in a diverse range of businesses of all sizes, has shown that taking control of the case at the outset provides numerous advantages:

  • investigate at short notice without alerting the fraudster – seek out the evidence necessary for either civil action or use by the police if the business decides to prosecute;
  • the priority will be to ensure no further losses or business interuption and to trace and recover any assets already missing;
  • liaising with the appropriate police or regulatory body reduces the risk of adverse publicity;
  • we are experienced in interviewing techniques and in dealing with suspects correctly. In this way the disciplinary process can proceed without inviting counter claims of constructive dismissal;
  • we are discrete, dealing with your workforce during troubled times in a sensitive manner.


In addition specialist fraud detection “Fraud Risk Advisory” services provide protection for organisations against the threat of fraud through the provision of corporate fraud prevention advice. We can advise on your Fraud Policy, Fraud Response Plan and the installation of dedicated fraud prevention controls within your accounting and asset management systems.


Working closely with a wide range of clients throughout the UK and further afield, including police fraud squads, economic crime units, Companies Investigation Branch (BIS, formerly DTI and BERR) plus organisations and individuals suffering frauds.

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