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HMRC Investigations

Mark Jenner & Co Limited is able to assist you defending allegations made by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. Very often HMRC will assess your income or profits going back over several years based loosely on bank statement data. Sometimes they fail to take into account obvious outgoings that would reduce your legitimate profits such as bone fide business expenses and transfers between connected accounts.

One one occasion we have seen HMRC assess profits using two different methods, then add the two results together! Such double counting is commonplace by the financial regulators, resulting in the need for most assessments to be reviewed by an expert forensic accountant who can not only provide a more accurate estimate of taxable income, but who can also present the information in a credible fashion sometimes relying only on partial records. This is especially important if the matter is proceeding along the criminal route and your case must be defended in Court.

At Mark Jenner & Co Limited we regularly reconstruct financial statements from incomplete records, assessing income and wealth in order that balanced and reasonable settlements can be reached.