Criminal Fraud

As specialist and independent forensic accountants we provide services to fraud & crime solicitors, police forces & other fraud regulators and to organisations who have been exposed to, or are at risk of, fraud throughout the UK.

We are used to working within the constraints of public funding, delivering effective local services that are unburdened with additional travel costs or administrative fees. As a consequence our rates are similarly reasonable for private clients.

Our expertise covers all complex fraud issues, money laundering and criminal fraud regulatory interventions by the likes of the Criminal Prosecution Service, Her Majesties Revenue and Customs, The Department for Business (DTI – now BIS) & The Insolvency Service, The Post Office, Trading Standards, The Serious Fraud Office and others.

Investigating Fraud, How Hard Can It Be?

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Does New Legislation Reduce Fraud?

The Labour government has been criticised widely for the huge raft of legislation it has introduced in its 12 or so years of reign. Much of it has been lengthy and often arguably unnecessary. The burden of regulation on any business … Read more…